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Frequently Asked Questions and Expert Answers

How often should my aquarium be serviced? 

Frequency of aquarium maintenance and service is determined by the size of your aquarium, how heavily stocked the aquarium is, which species of fish or other animals you are keeping, and how you want your aquarium to look. 

Ohio Aquarium Service offers weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service and maintenance customized to your needs. Our freshwater aquarium, saltwater aquarium, and pond pages contain more information on the services we offer. 

What are the benefits of having my aquarium or pond professionally maintained? 

Regular aquarium or pond service helps to ensure the overall health of your fish, plants, and other aquatic animals. Regular water changes and health assessments help ward off disease and address small problems before they become major issues. 

I'm thinking about buying an aquarium, can you help me make the best selection? 

Ohio Aquarium Service can help you select the best aquarium, stand, lighting, filtration, and any other equipment you may need. The best choices are based on the animals you would like to keep in your aquarium. 

Is having an aquarium a lot of work? 

It can be, but having a service and maintenance performed by a professional from Ohio Aquarium Service makes owning a freshwater or saltwater aquarium easy and fun. 

My fish always seem sick, what should I do? 

Fish health can be affected by disease, water quality problems, feeding issues, or a host of other problems. Ohio Aquarium Service's service and maintenance professionals are experienced at recognizing these health issues and identifying the proper course of action to correct them. 

Are saltwater aquariums more difficult to care for than freshwater aquariums? 

There is a common misconception that saltwater aquariums are more difficult to keep than freshwater aquariums. Although there is some more work associated with successfully keeping a saltwater aquarium, it is not that much more difficult than keeping a freshwater aquarium

The key to a healthy and enjoyable saltwater aquarium is to set up the aquarium correctly in the first place with proper filtration, animals that are best suited to the environment you wish to create and that are healthy and quarantined before being introduced to the aquarium, and the feeding of a proper diet. 

A saltwater tank can be fun, educational, and a beautiful centerpiece in your home or office. 

I have one fish that keeps killing all of my other fish. What's wrong? 

This is a common aquarium problem with a simple answer... not all species of aquatic life are compatible in the same aquarium. Expert advice when selecting tank mates can help reduce or eliminate aggression. 

How often should my pond / water garden / koi pond be cleaned? 

We recommend service and maintenance for your pond at least twice a year: during the spring after the water temperature reaches a consistent 65 degree temperature, and again in the fall after the majority of leaves have fallen. 

My pond / water garden / koi pond always looks green and slimy. What should I do? 

This could be due to a number of reasons, including over-population, under-filtration, the need for more floating or oxygenating plants (except in koi ponds). In some cases, an ultra-violet sterilizer may be called for. Ohio Aquarium Service's professionals can offer the best advice after performing an evaluation of your pond. 

How much does aquarium service and maintenance cost? 

Ohio Aquarium Service's maintenance and service prices depend on a number of factors, including frequency of service, size of aquarium or pond, species being kept, and how nice you'd like your aquarium to look. Call us today at 614-849-8400. 

Call us today at 614-849-8400

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